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Are you a local Oregon law firm, looking for support in class action claims administration? For more than 50 years, Heffler Claims Group has been a reputable resource for Oregon class action lawyers who rely on our nation-wide reputation of innovation, professionalism, and ability to handle cases of the highest volume and complexity. We have processed over 50 million claims, mailing more than a billion legal notices, managing settlements by the thousands, and distributing more than $30 billion to rigorously verified claimants. We’ve been recognized nationally by The Legal Intelligencer and The Recorder as a top class action claims administrator.  

Oregon Class Action Administration Services 

Heffler Claims Group provides services to support every aspect of your class action administration, including services such as: 

  • Pre-settlement consultation – working with accountants and attorneys on our staff to craft settlement agreements with accurate costs, and realistic timelines. 
  • Claims processing – to ensure accuracy, speed, and exceptional client service in developing a Plan of Allocation with verified data and documentation, validated claims, and settlement calculations. 
  • Notice media – complete media analysis, creation, and placement services, as well as strategic guidance, from notable in-house experts in the field.  
  • Contact center services – fully equipped to handle a wide range of calls per day with highly trained live agents and interactive messaging systems.   
  • Website and design services – to develop and maintain a class action claims website, secure databases for intake, and complete proficient data analysis in line with court requirements. 
  • Settlement distribution – verifying the accuracy of award calculations and distribution amounts by relying on strong, longstanding relationships with leading financial institutions. 
  • Tax compliance and escrow – serving as escrow agents for settlement funds with a team of certified public accountants and MBAs who comply with all tax laws, rules, guidelines, and regulations.  

Practice Areas 

Heffler services all practice areas, including:  

  • Antitrust 
  • Securities 
  • Consumer 
  • Environmental 
  • Government 
  • Insurance  
  • Mass tort 

Roots in Oregon 

Several of Heffler Claims Group’s key staff members have roots in Oregon, including: 

  • Senior Director James R. Prutsman, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis from Portland State University and an MBA from the University of Oregon. 
  • Media Supervisor Julie Meischner, a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in Political Science and a 2008-2013 member of the Executive Team of Onward Oregon.  
  • Media Specialist Carole Burke, whose client roster includes the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

The $2.4 million Monsanto GMO case is one of the noteworthy Oregon cases we’ve administered. 

In recent years, we’ve proudly sponsored class action symposiums for the Lewis & Clark Law School and Pound Civil Justice Institute, where we shared our expertise on state class action procedures, the future of mass torts, the role of attorneys in MDLs, and more.   

Since every need is individual and unique, it is best to request a proposal. In the meantime, you may also read over our featured cases to get an idea of how Heffler can support your needs. We are happy to provide more customized information about how we help the best Oregon class action attorneys with their administrative needs.  


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