Massachusetts Class Action Attorneys

Massachusetts class action attorneys trust Heffler Claims Group as their class action claims administrator of choice because we’re one of the first. For more than 50 years, we’ve served as independent, nonpartisan professionals prepared to assist with everything related to your class action litigation from pre-certification counseling, website development, and expert media notification services to call center support, fraud investigation, and settlement distribution.

Do You Need A Class Action Claims Administrator?

Massachusetts class action law firms that work with reputable settlement administrators see tremendous benefits.

  • Save money with proactive strategies that alleviate bottlenecks.
  • Show up to court prepared with vetted documents and confirmed class members.
  • Provides answers to challenges of unverified class data, skip tracing, and data security.
  • Remain compliant with updated and emerging state and federal laws.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by safeguarding you from click-bait environments and other vulnerabilities.

Serving Massachusetts Class Action Lawyers

Our U.S. based team serves all 50 states, including Massachusetts, with top-class customer service. Our clients include both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys in Massachusetts.  As a division of global advisor Duff & Phelps, we have more than 3,500 professionals in 28 countries at our disposal.

Heffler pioneered many of the class action administration methods used industry-wide, while always staying current with the latest legislation and ensuring our processes and procedures evolve accordingly. Heffler’s leadership team routinely participates in thought leadership events, panels, court hearings, and committees that help write and refine the class action procedural guidelines used nationwide.  

Working with Heffler Claims Group means you go into the proceedings prepared. With one of the most experienced leadership teams in the class action industry – including former attorneys, we understand the types of obstacles that arise and are proactively prepared to meet the legal challenges head-on.

Our other resources for Massachusetts attorneys include:

  • World-class IT department which designs websites and databases using and state of the art technology.
  • In-house notice media that ensures maximum reach with leading-edge legal notice solutions from print and broadcast to mobile and social media channels.
  • Enterprise-level contact center staffed with skilled personnel to answer live inquiries as well as Interactive Voice Response. Multi-lingual options are available.

Practice Areas

We aid class action lawyers in a broad range of areas, from antitrust and securities, to government and data breach cases. Many of our local clients rely upon us for help with insurance and consumer protection. Our deep knowledge and familiarity with the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Superior Court can be an enormous asset to your team.

Noteworthy Class Actions Administered in Massachusetts

A few representative local cases we’ve administrated include:

  • Columbia Gas Explosion Litigation, Civil Action No. 1877cv01343G
  • Varacallo v. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Case No. 04-2702
  • Wilson v. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Case No. D-101-CV 98-02814
  • Bezdek. v. Vibram USA Inc., Case No. 12-10513-DPW
  • Pashmova v. New Balance Athletic Shoes, Inc., Case No, 1:11-cv-10001
  • Microsoft Corporation Massachusetts Consumer Protection Litigation, Case No. 00-2456
  • Payne et al. v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Case No. 01-10-118-NG

Read more of our featured case studies to learn how Heffler Claims Group can help you in Massachusetts, nationwide, and around the globe.

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