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Client Services Manager

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Sandra (“Sandy”) is a Project Manager at Heffler Claims Group. She has extensive experience in managing all aspects of the claim administration process, from notification procedures, claim calculations and audits, and corresponding with Class Counsel and claimants to supervising the distribution of settlement funds to approved claimants. She interfaces with the Information Technology department in regard to the management of case-specific databases and assists institutions with the electronic filing of their claims.

Sandy has worked on several high profile cases, ranging from tens of thousands of claims to over four million claims. Among the settlements she has managed are the Ivan F. Boesky Tier II Securities Litigation, the NASDAQ Market-Makers Antitrust Litigation and the Domestic Air Transportation Litigation. She also managed the Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Shareholders Litigation (02 MDL 1484 (JFK) and 02 CV 5097 (JFK)), which included over 92,000 claimants involving a Settlement Fund in the amount of $15 million. Her responsibilities included supervising the notification procedures, assisting the Information Technology department in the development of an algorithm to calculate damages, reviewing claims and finally, distributing the Settlement Fund to approved claimants.

Sandy was responsible for the claim review, developing procedures, supervising and training staff, database management and working with Class Counsel for the administration of the Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Securities Litigation (Lead Case No.: 01-CV-0649-BEN (AJB)), which included over 12,000 claimants involving a Settlement Fund in the amount of $60 million. She was also involved in the Apollo Group, Inc. Securities Litigation (Lead Case No. CV 04-2147-PHX-JAT), which included over 39,000 claimants involving a Settlement Fund in the amount of $145,000,000.

A graduate of Temple University, Sandy holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business law.

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