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Client Services Manager

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Michael E. Hamer is a project manager and responsible for overseeing personnel and procedures in securities, antitrust, real estate, ERISA and consumer matters. He is involved in all aspects of the process, from managing notification procedures, claim calculations and audits, to supervising correspondence and the distribution of funds to claimants. He has provided expert testimony on securities cases and real estate diminution actions.

Mike co-manages the administration of claims in the Currency Conversion Fee Anti-trust Litigation (MDL No. 1409), overseeing 5.1 million pieces of direct mail and 5.4 million electronic claims. He handles a team of over 80 personnel and serves as a liaison to agency and company members of the Settlement Damages class.

Most recently, Mike co-managed the administration of claims in the Seventh Amendment for the Diet Drugs Products Liability Litigation (MDL Docket No. 1203), supervising personnel and coordinating the recruitment, training, testing, equipping and monitoring processes. He liaised with over 140 cardiologists who reviewed approximately 40,000 echocardiograms of claimants.

Mike has managed the administration of the BankAmerica Securities Litigation (MDL No. 1264), resulting in the distribution of over $400 million to over 161,000 class members in about two years. He was responsible for notifying class members through direct mail and via world-wide publication of the short form notice; and the design of custom procedures, software systems and subsystems to efficiently process over 172,000 claims, including electronically-filed claims. As part of the process, he oversaw the modification of equipment and facilities to build, train, house and supervise personnel.

Prior to joining Heffler Claims Group, Mike worked at PNC Bank, N.A., Philadelphia, first for its Information Technology Department and later, the Compliance Department.

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