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A partner, Edward J. Sincavage, CPA, has directed over 150 claims administration matters in the last 30 years. He has broad expertise in all manner and type of class action case, and has overseen some of the most complex and sophisticated cases administered by the firm, which are featured below. Ed’s technical proficiency spans each phase of the administration process, including settlement fund taxation under IRC section 468(B).

Ivan F. Boesky Securities Litigation – Tier II: This litigation covered securities of approximately 40 companies and 70 different securities. The types of securities included common stock, call options, put options, notes, debentures and preferred stock. The Plans of Allocation were complex, and based on contemporaneous or market manipulation periods. The plans covered six classes along with multiple sub-classes. The calculated losses were based on allocations by securities and by applicable settlement funds. The settlement funds included private action settlements as well as SEC disgorged funds.

Domestic Air Transportation Antitrust Litigation: In this litigation, notice and claim forms were mailed to over 15 million potential class members. At the end of the claims administration period, over 4.2 million claim forms were filed and processed. This action gave the class members the option of filing one of three types of claim forms based on the volume of travel. Each claim was entered into a database, processed and reviewed. Selected larger claims were also audited through a specialized audit program. Claimants were advised of any adjustments to their claim values based on their audited documentation. The distribution was made in discount certificates, requiring liaising with Counsel and the printers to design, print and mail the certificates. Depending of the size of the claim, an approved claimant received either a booklet of certificates or single certificates.

Prior to joining Heffler Claims Group, Ed received well-rounded experience in the certified public accounting field at Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP. He concentrated on accounting, auditing and tax compliance before specializing in claims administration. He was named partner seven years after joining the firm.

Ed holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a member of both the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of CPAs. He has served on the board of directors of the Interboro School District.

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