Class Action Website & Database Design


Heffler Claims Group provides sophisticated website design and database design services that support each step of the class action claims administration process.  Our advanced technology platform is led by our in-house team of experienced IT professionals who develop an online experience that meets the special criteria and language preferences for each case.

These experts are highly skilled in designing and implementing secure and protected databases, claims administration systems, and mobile-responsive websites. Our systems are optimized to include data analysis, reporting tools, and information technology operations.

A Customizable Class Action Technology Platform

Our mission is to find and implement out-of-the box solutions for cases based on their unique requirements. All of our website and database design services are highly customizable depending on the specific needs of each case. Hallmarks of Heffler’s technology platform include:

  • Custom web applications
  • Proprietary content management systems that improve the efficiency of claims processing
  • Rapid website design and deployment
  • Data privacy and security solutions to safeguard personal, confidential, and proprietary information
  • Powerful real-time analytics and reporting functions
  • Efficient usability studies
  • Enhanced quality control methods
  • Post all necessary court documents and FAQs


Innovative Settlement Website Design Services

Our class action settlement claim websites are more than just information portals. We utilize the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) concepts to integrate claims verification, analytics and reporting, and more to create the most effective management tool for every type of class action settlement.

Our services include:

  • Data architecture, integration, and management
  • Migration and conversion of data from multiple sources
  • Verification of data integrity and consistency to weed out errors and false claims
  • Extensive performance, load, stress-testing and tuning for high volume and high value class action settlements
  • Design and execute complex claims processing applications
  • Design and initiate notification applications
  • Optimum performance across all hardware platforms and operating systems
  • Cost-effective web hosting with simplified claim filing and processing

We Combine Class Action Website Expertise with Traditional Design Services

We create class action settlement websites that are effective, engaging and easy to use. Our websites are:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Visually appealing
  • Search engine optimized to make it easy for claimants to find a landing page with applicable search terms
  • Have fast load speed
  • Sufficiently robust to handle high or spiky volumes of web traffic
  • Operable on all mobile platforms with no performance degradation
  • User-oriented to present information and calls to action with no complications

If changes are required during the course of the administration of a class action settlement, our in-house team makes necessary adjustments seamlessly, with minimal downtime and no interruption of essential services. 

Industry Leader for Class Action Settlement Website and Database Design

Heffler Claims Group is an industry-leading innovator in developing modern technology tools for class action attorneys and claimants. We were one of the first settlement administrators to develop proprietary software for claims disbursement, and we continue to create innovative and fully customizable solutions with new web-based applications for class action claims.

Please contact our experts at Heffler Claims Group to schedule a demonstration of our website and database design services, and for answers to your class action settlement technology questions.  You can view more of our class action administration services as well.


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