Class Action Settlement Distribution


Heffler Claims Group professionals are well-versed in all aspects of class action settlement distribution. When you engage with Heffler, you receive a dedicated engagement team that will diligently verify the accuracy of award calculations and efficiently distribute the correct amounts to qualifying class members.

Below are some of the reasons Heffler maintains our proven reputation as trusted leaders in settlement fund management and distribution:

  • Our strong relationships with leading financial institutions allow us to offer competitive pricing and flexibility.
  • Our experienced, in-house team meticulously oversees check printing and mail processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • We accommodate ACH and wire transfers.
  • We handle Quality Settlement Funds (QSFs) from start to finish, including tax treatment and reporting.
  • We use positive pay to facilitate early detection of fraud.

Settlement Funds Disbursement Services

Heffler Claims is a time-tested industry thought leader. Today we continue to innovate in order to maintain the highest quality standards. Using our leading-edge, proprietary technology, we scale our services to any size litigation in order to:

  • Verify claims and distribution amounts
  • Ensure that settlements are in full compliance with national and international tax laws
  • Prepare and distribute settlement checks
  • Reconcile distribution amounts
  • Monitor and report on distribution & check status
  • Prepare final reports
  • Provide Investor support services
  • Set-up FDIC insured escrow and distribution accounts
  • Manage public information with respect to settlement distribution and ensure fair and accurate reporting across all media platforms. 

We begin our preparations for your class action settlement distribution as soon as you engage our services in order to troubleshoot issues before they arise and resolve them without incident.

Settlement Distribution Services for Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs)

Our in-house tax professionals structure QSFs that comply with rules and regulations established by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code §468B. Once we establish the QSF, Heffler Claims Group:

  • Serves as the fund’s trustee.
  • Procures federal and state taxpayer ID numbers as needed.
  • Facilitate investment advisory services for the funds.
  • Appoints compliance officers for verification of fiduciary obligations that are created with the fund.
  • Manages all reporting obligations, including the preparation of final reports.

Heffler Claims Group: Trusted Settlement Fund Distribution Services

Law firms trust Heffler Claims Group as a class action claims administration to handle the complex process of settlement fund distribution based on our long track record of getting the job done right. We are committed to imposing strict quality control over the entire settlement fund distribution process to ensure a streamlined, efficient, and error-free disbursement. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our elite team. Or browse more of our class action claims services.


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