Class Action Pre-Settlement Consultation Services


Settlement agreements in class action litigation undergo great judicial scrutiny. Federal Rules require court approval of class action settlements, and the judge assigned to a class action case continues to oversee the matter as claimants receive their settlement benefit and through final approval of the administration.

By working with an experienced class action claims administrator, attorneys save themselves from returned trips to court and avoid the delays and roadblocks that often prevent effective and efficient settlement of class action cases. Heffler Claims Group provides pre-settlement consultation services for insight into the most efficient ways to structure a settlement and gain preliminary approval.


Enhanced Value and Efficiency with Heffler Claims Group’s Pre-Settlement Services

Heffler Claims Group’s class action administration services provide added value from the commencement of every class action case and before any settlement is broached. Our team of in-house attorneys, CPAs, IT professionals, notice experts, and business management specialists provide critical assistance with:

  • Defining the parameters of the class;
  • Developing the data that is necessary to prepare or to respond to objections over class certification and lead class members;
  • Establishing viable schedules and timelines;
  • Estimating costs, preparing budgets, and tracking expenses;
  • Advising on domestic and international tax benefits and consequences of settling versus litigating a class action case.

Law firms that leverage Heffler’s pre-settlement services at the time a class action complaint is filed or a response is due save money and free up resources to spend on the litigation itself. Heffler’s services minimize pre- and post-settlement filings and prepare a clear and predictable path final approval for a class action settlement.


Heffler Claims Group’s Settlement Preparation Assistance

A class action case that clears the class certification hurdle can rapidly transition into settlement discussions. Those discussions are expedited when the parties focus on a fair plan of allocation and an effective strategy for notification of a proposed settlement. Heffler Claims group has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to work with all stakeholders in creating the initial plans and settlement roadmaps, freeing up attorney time, and setting the tone for a smooth and well-planned administration.  

Heffler’s settlement preparation services include:

  • Expert analysis to develop objective damages models and to support settlement structures;
  • Preparing and administering processes for notification of the proposed settlement to all class members for full compliance with the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA);
  • Maintaining schedules and timelines to comply with court-imposed deadlines;
  • Handling press releases and media notifications through Heffler’s in-house media group;  
  • Setting up a contact center, website, and other technology services to handle claims and questions from individual class members.


Heffler’s Services Take the Leg Work out of Providing Information to the Court

Federal Rule 23(e)(2) requires counsel to “file a statement identifying any agreement made in connection with the proposed settlement.” The proposed settlement agreement is more likely to gain quick approval from the judge if the judge is satisfied that the parties have conducted due diligence with respect to all aspects of the case.

Attorneys who begin to compile required information after the class action settlement receives preliminary approval may find themselves at a disadvantage when they attempt to provide the information within the approved timeline. When Heffler Claims Group is engaged early in the process, we make sure you are prepared in advance.


Contact Heffler Claims Group for Professional Class Action Pre-Settlement Consultation Services

Heffler has developed our industry-leading pre-settlement expertise through the successful notice and administration of hundreds of class action settlements. We utilize proprietary state-of-the-art technology and employ our own in-house team of attorneys, CPAs, financial analysts, IT experts, media professionals, and business consultants to manage every case. We evaluate and enhance our technology and service offerings to maintain the most distinguished and progressive pre-settlement services in all types of class action litigation.  Please contact our experts at Heffler Claims Group to schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our leadership team. 


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