Class Action Escrow Agent

As a class action settlement funds escrow agent, Heffler Claims Group provides an exceptional in-house team of MBAs and certified public accountants that work together with our banking partners to oversee funds and ensure tax law compliance. We utilize longstanding relationships with leading financial institutions to offer competitively-priced escrow agent services for all types of class action claims.

Settlement Funds Escrow Agent Services

A class action settlement fund escrow is typically defined by the settlement agreement and strict instructions that direct the escrow agent’s actions.

Heffler Claims Group has developed relationships with leading domestic and international financial institutions that hold and manage class action settlement funds in investment accounts pending disbursement. Those relationships enable Heffler to offer escrow agent services at the most competitive market rates and to provide clients with assurances that their funds will be securely held in FDIC-insured accounts with the most competitive pricing structures.


Escrow Services for Quality Settlement Funds (QSFs)

QSFs generally require an escrow agent to exercise a very high degree of care with respect to class action settlement funds. Heffler Claims Group has developed internal operations to manage QSF escrows to satisfy every aspect of Internal Revenue Code Section 468B. Specifically:

  • Our in-house accountants and tax specialists verify that the fund and the settlement agreement that precedes it are in full compliance with IRS rules and regulations, such that the funding entity realizes the optimum tax benefits of creating the fund.
  • We serve not only as escrow agent, but also as the fund’s trustee with fiduciary responsibility for disbursing the funds to authorized claimants.
  • We procure federal and state tax identification numbers for the fund to enable full reporting to taxing authorities.
  • We utilize our favorable relationships with banks and financial management organizations to invest the funds for preferred returns pending distribution.
  • We prepare periodic and final reports to reconcile all payments to claimants, attorneys, and service providers with funding structures established in the class action master settlement agreement.

Our tax attorneys and CPAs all have direct class action industry experience. We consult in the drafting and structuring of the master settlement agreement that creates a settlement fund escrow. We also verify that the escrow is properly established to handle all claims, expenses and fees that will be paid from the fund.


Heffler Claims Group is an Industry-Leading Class Action Administrator

Heffler Claims Group has acted as class action claims administration escrow agent to disburse funds in hundreds of class action settlements throughout our more than 50 years of providing class action administration services. Law firms that retain Heffler Claims Group as their settlement escrow agent rest assured that disbursement of funds will be managed with the highest degree of professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency.Please contact Heffler Claims Group to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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