Class Action Contact Center Services

Heffler Claims Group’s in-house, enterprise-level contact center has the capacity to handle the specific needs of any size class action case in the most cost-effective way. We’ve handled thousands of inbound and outbound calling campaigns for our clients. We offer skilled service personnel to answer settlement-specific inquiries live, as well as advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology which is custom-programmed to support any type of settlement. In addition, Heffler meticulously tracks, records, and reports contact center information for every case. Communications support is absolutely critical to the success of a well-run class action settlement administration, so it is important to work with a recognized industry leader.


 Class Action Call Center Services

Heffler Claims Group provides in-house, domestic outbound and inbound call center services. Our ability to quickly scale gives us the capacity to handle five to 10,000 calls per day. Each case has its own unique set of requirements, but regardless of your needs, you can count on us for:

  • Professionally trained live agents to answer case-specific inquiries
  • Multi-lingual options with toll-free telephone numbers, allowing cross-country support
  • An interactive, automated messaging system with 24/7 access for claimants

IVR Inbound Call Center Services

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is a cost-effective solution to provide up-to-date information to class members without the added time and expense of training and staffing live agents. IVR technology reads touch-tone and voice input to direct potential class members through a menu to the pre-recorded information they desire.

The benefits of Heffler’s IVR offering include:

  • Cost-effective solution to efficiently process high-volumes of calls in large class actions cases.
  • Best practices are incorporated into court-approved notice derived scripts with less room for error.
  • Services are consistent, high-quality, multilingual, always accessible and modifiable if necessary, over time.
  • Ability to quickly scale up or down to accommodate changes in call volume 
  • Beyond claims collection, our IVR system can collect address changes and notice requests.

Live Contact Center Agents

Live agents are always beneficial, especially in consumer or securities cases that require a significant amount of supporting documentation to file a claim. Our team of support agents is well-vetted, experienced, and trained in-house, with layers of security and oversight employed to mitigate the risk of human error. We work with clients to assess class size, claims process difficulties, and potential class behavior to ensure that all of our resources are being put to best use in every class action litigation we service. 

Here are some of the primary benefits of having live agents:

  • Live agents are better equipped to relay and take down complex information.
  • Agents verify information provided by callers in real-time.
  • Experienced project managers are available on-site for escalations as needed.
  • Providing clear, accurate answers early can help avoid misunderstandings and protect your brand.

Call Heffler Claims Group to Inquire About Contact Center Services

Contact us to discuss your class action administration needs and engage the services of our own domestic contact center for the administration of your class action settlement. Heffler Claims Group specialists answer all your questions, help you maintain compliance, and deliver consistent messaging to class members throughout the entire process. View our other class action administration services.


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