Class Action Claims Processing

For more than 50 years, clients have trusted Heffler Claims Group for efficient and cost-effective class action settlement claims processing. Our team develops complete, customized claims administration programs through innovative solutions. We are extremely skilled in working with unique cases that require out-of-the-box, fully customized solutions. Our team of professionals have the depth of experience, the infrastructure, and the capabilities to handle projects of any size or complexity.

Heffler Claims Group Understands Your Needs

We understand the need for accuracy, speed, and exceptional client service in your class action settlement and claims processing is at the heart of the entire administration. Using industry best practices and a proven quality assurance program, we adhere to the highest standards of efficiency. Our services are powered by a team that values streamlined operations, client service, and purpose-built technology.

Through our enterprise contact center, located in the United States, we are in frequent contact with potential class members to ensure claims are filed accurately and timely. Heffler believes in full transparency throughout the engagement, and consistently communicates case updates and analytics to both plaintiffs and defendants every step of the way.

Class Action Claims Processing and Validation Services

Clients choose Heffler Claims Group to:

  • Develop and execute customized plans of allocation in line with settlement agreement provisions for each case.
  • Optimize the claims process by analyzing all relevant notices, claim forms, motions, and orders to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Automate claims identification, filing, and recognized loss calculations for a streamlined procedure.
  • Oversee the thorough and efficient implementation of claims administration with a member of the Heffler leadership team’s involvement from start to finish. Verify and maintain claimant data, backed with documentation that satisfies all settlement stipulations.
  • Handle both hard copy filings and online claims processing.
  • Calculate claim amounts based on the Plan of Allocation
  • Maintain critical, in-house security with encryptions and special protection for class member data.
  • Devise custom parameters for complex claims and distribute customized claim forms as needed.
  • Manage the receipt and processing of settlement funds with transparent accounting records.
  • Provide on-demand reporting that breaks down all the pertinent information you need at-a-glance.
  • Consult on practices that balance class member participation with fraud prevention.

Heffler Claims Group In-House Claims Processing Best

Utilizing our proprietary processes and systems that were developed at the forefront of the claims administration industry and revolutionized over the years, Heffler’s  in-house class action claims processing services provide great efficiency and accuracy. Our technology platform is robust and easy to use, allowing for the online claim filing, data reviews, and on-demand reporting a discerning client comes to expect. Contact us for more information about claims processing and our other class action administration services. We are a trusted industry leader in all types of class actions, regardless of the size or complexity of claims.


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