Class Action Administration Services

Your one-stop solution to the administration of mass tort and class action settlements

Our experienced legal, financial, technology and operations professionals are available to provide you with complete administration services for all manner of mass tort and class action matters.  Heffler is unmatched in expertise and resources as a class action claims administration. We utilize unique systems and procedures that allow us to deliver top-quality results in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our best practices have been developed through the administration of more than 900 cases, including some of the largest and most complex class actions of all time.

At Heffler, our priority is to deliver favorable results and to get it right for our clients. We have extensive experience in all aspects of claims administration, including developing plans of allocation and testifying on class action procedures and practices in Federal and State Courts throughout the United States. Our services include:

Consulting Heffler early in the settlement phase protects counsel, preserves fund assets and streamlines the administration process. When involved from the start, Heffler professionals can help craft a Settlement Agreement, thus advising on the most advantageous tax structure, eliminating post-settlement filings to the court, reducing costs and minimizing the administration timeline. With accountants and attorneys on-staff, Heffler can advise on various aspects of the litigation and settlement process, and help create efficient and cost-effective Plans of Allocation for each case.

The cornerstone of the administration process, Heffler maximizes efficiencies and streamlines procedures to ensure accuracy, speed and exceptional client service. In order to properly adhere to the carefully developed Plan of Allocation, we thoroughly verify data and documentation; maintain and validate claims; and calculate and verify settlement amounts.  For additional security, our technology experts design programs with special protections for both electronic and hard copy filings. These sophisticated programs ensure accurate and efficient calculations of claim amounts pursuant to a Plan of Allocation.

Through our in-house media group, HF Media LLC, Heffler offers complete media analysis, creation and placement services – including electronic communications. Our team of media experts, led by Jeanne Finegan, APR, provide media strategy, creation, implementation, placement and analysis services – including electronic and internet-based communications. We consult with our clients to provide notice strategy and evaluate media options to determine the most impactful and cost-effective means of reaching potential claimants.

Our in-house contact center has the capacity to handle the specific needs of any case. Our ability to quickly scale to size allows us to handle call volumes ranging from five to 10,000 per day. Depending on the case requirements, we can provide professionally trained live agents or a cost-effective, lingual support with toll-free telephone numbers in one country or many countries, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An automated, inter-active messaging system offers a cost-effective option for dispensing certain information to class members. Skilled service personnel are trained to answer case-specific inquiries.

An advanced technology platform supports each step of our claims administration process, with experienced IT professionals leading the design and development of custom websites and databases configured to meet the unique requirements and language preferences set forth for each case. Our team is highly skilled in designing and implementing secure and protected databases, claims administration systems, and websites that are optimized for access on mobile devices. We are also proficient in the areas of data analysis, reporting, and information technology operations.

A Quality Control team is assigned to each case, to verify the accuracy of award calculations and distribution amounts. To facilitate escrow and distribution services, we rely on our strong and longstanding relationships with many leading financial institutions. Utilizing this wide variety of banking connections, Heffler offers competitive pricing and flexibility in the types of services required for each engagement.

Serving as escrow agent for settlement funds, our in-house team of certified public accountants and MBAs works in conjunction with financial institutions to monitor funds and help ensure compliance with tax laws, rules and regulations. Our team also manages tax compliance and the administration of qualified settlement funds and fair funds under Internal Revenue Code section 468(B).

  • Tax Compliance & Administration of QSFs & Fair Funds

Our in-house accounting and tax professionals are proficient in managing the taxation of qualified settlement funds and fair funds under Internal Revenue Code section 468(B). This team has provided tax compliance and administration services for the majority of settlement funds administered by Heffler, bringing a unique collaboration to the process, that ultimately benefits our clients in terms of expertise and efficiency. Furthermore, Heffler has been engaged separately to prepare tax filings on behalf of law firms, the Securities & Exchange Commission, U.S. District Courts and banking institutions. Serving as a liaison with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Heffler’s team provides representation at meetings and examinations. In most matters, we have achieved the successful waiver of penalties and interest, and in others, a dramatic reduction in penalties and interest.

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