Class Action Claims Administration Practice Areas
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Heffler Claims Group continues to be one of the industry’s top thought leaders and innovators with our pioneering technology, analytics, and processes and procedures, and our complete suite of in-house services.

When you engage Heffler to handle the administration of your class action settlement, you benefit from our distinctive, consultative approach to each case. The Heffler team serves in critical roles that provide you greater flexibility, efficiency, and brand protection. When you work with Heffler, you are guaranteed to work with a trusted partner from beginning to end. No aspect of your valued case is outsourced. You can count on full transparency, accountability, and cost-effective offerings every step of the way.

Our broad-based knowledge and rich case history coupled with our unique consultative approach extend far beyond our competitors. It’s easy to see why we remain a top choice for the largest class action law firms in the country having processed millions of claims, mailed over tens of millions of notices, expedited hundreds of thousands of calls, and distributed billions of dollars in compensation to class members. We are a time-tested, trusted industry leader in all types of class actions, regardless of the size or complexity.

Our expertise extends to all class action practice areas including:


Our antitrust class action claims administration team is composed of former practicing class action attorneys, globally recognized legal notice experts, and Certified Public Accounts, who all have direct exposure to the intricacies of these highly complex and multifaceted cases. Through our in-house notice media team, HF Media, we are able to implement worldwide antitrust notice programs including one of the largest international notice programs in US history, In re Air Cargo Shipping Antitrust Litigation. Every member of this elite team is firmly committed to strictly following the compliance and due process requirements of the final leg of the antitrust litigation process: the management, settlement notice, administration, and distribution of the settlement funds.

Learn more about Heffler Claims Group’s experience with antitrust class action litigation and review antitrust litigation case studies.


Heffler Claims Group was the first company to administer a Securities Class Action Case in 1974. Since then, Heffler has managed and administered more than 400 sophisticated securities class action settlements involving stocks, bonds, IPOs, ADRs, ETFs, and more. Explore our notable cases, including American Business Financial Services Inc., KLA-Tencor Securities Litigation, and Schering-Plough Securities Litigation. Throughout the administration of these cases, we have sorted through more than 71,000 proof of claims per case, conducting extensive audits to verify the accuracy of the calculations and eliminate fraud; mailed out 381,000 notices in one case alone; and administered settlement funds topping $165 million. No case is too big or too complex for our renowned securities experts with CPA and financial backgrounds.


Consumer class actions are often high-profile, high-volume, and high-value cases. A successful settlement administration requires working with a trusted partner who has the resources to make it happen. We have thought of everything to make the notice and administration of the class action settlement run smoothly and efficiently: from pre-consultation with our leadership team to our own renowned notice media service, to our enterprise-level contact hub, and our proprietary technology. We are true pioneers in consumer class action claims administration and are prepared to handle any such matters including insurance disputes, retail contracts, TCPA, automotive defects, pharmaceutical litigation, and more.

Heffler Claims Group couples decades of experience with a suite of services to successfully administer and win consumer class action settlements.

Mass Torts

Heffler mass tort managed services deliver expert efficiency, so you can focus on achieving a successful litigation outcome. We handle everything with responsive, in-house teams — from pre-settlement counseling, media notification, and call center support, to custom-built websites, lien resolution, and settlement disbursement. We work with counsel to proactively avoid potential pitfalls. With more than 50 years of experience and flexible scalability, no mass tort administration project is too big for us to handle.

Successful litigation of mass tort cases takes careful, individualized attention every step of the way. Learn how Heffler Claims Group administers mass tort cases and review our featured case studies.


Employment and labor matters present unique obligations and requirements, and over the decades we have seen them all. Class action lawsuits in this area involve violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act; state labor code, and federal wage legislation; system-wide workplace discrimination, ERISA disputes, and Title VII civil rights claims. Employer-sponsored retirement accounts and pension plan litigation can be a sensitive topic for plaintiffs, so it helps to have a world-class in-house media team and call center to handle inquiries with grace and depth of experience. Over the life of just two notable employment class actions W. Reinhart et al. v. Lucent Technologies and James Mehling et. Al. v. New York Life Insurance, we managed the phone calls, email communications, physical correspondence,  opt-outs, objections, address changes, federal law compliance requirements of more 180,000 potential class members


We manage all facets of government class action cases with streamlined processes and meticulous procedures. Our team has been appointed by the Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Trade Commission, the Securities & Exchange Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and State AGs nationwide. We’ve worn many hats over the years, named as Fund Administrator, Claims Agent, Tax Administrator, and Distribution Agent in cases like SEC vs. Sam M. Antar, Knight Securities LP Administrative Proceeding, SEC vs. First Jersey Securities Inc, and SEC vs. Specialist Firms Administrative Proceedings.

Data Breach

Data breach cases require efficiency and accuracy in notifying a large, sensitive class. With notification, contact center, and project management services all handled in-house, our clients can count on quick response and remediation. A single point of contact provides timely updates, eliminates inefficiencies, and takes responsibility for adhering to industry best practices and rigorous data security standards.

Heffler Claims Group has administered successful settlements in data breach class action cases by staying quick, accurate, and comprehensive every step of the way.


Environmental class action cases are uniquely complicated due to the myriad of issues – including personal health impacts and property disputes for sometimes tens of thousands of potential claimants. Adding to the complexity, the individual impacts of an environmental class action can take years, sometimes decades to become fully apparent in claimants’ lives. By choosing Heffler Claims Group as your partner in environmental class action litigation, you choose a team with proven experience managing highly-publicized cases, such as the Three Mile Island class action, over decades to ensure that each claimant is given the opportunity to receive their settlement benefit.

Review our experience in environmental settlement administration, and learn why Heffler Claims Group is the right partner for your claimants.

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At Heffler, our priority is to deliver favorable results for our clients and to get it right the first time. We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we be better?” It is this philosophy that drives our competitive business model, and it is the reason for our distinctive, consultative approach to each case. We are independently owned and operated, which allows our leadership team to focus on what matters most – You, our client. Our expertise allows us to provide you with tried-and-proven solutions that ultimately save you time and money. We have extensive experience in all manner of mass tort and class action settlements, including antitrust, securities, consumer, government, and employment. Our team stands ready to assist you with all your notice and administration needs.

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