HF Crisis Communication Experience

Representative Crisis Communication and Product Recall Experience   

  • Reser’s Fine Foods.  Reser’s is a nationally distributed brand and manufacturer of food products through giants such as Albertsons, Costco, Food Lion, WinnDixie, Ingles, Safeway and Walmart.   Ms. Finegan designed an enterprise-wide crisis communication plan that included communications objectives, crisis team roles and responsibilities, crisis response procedures, regulatory protocols, definitions of incidents that require various levels of notice, target audiences, and threat assessment protocols.   Ms. Finegan worked with the company through two nationwide, high profile recalls, conducting extensive media relations efforts.
  • Gulf Coast Claims Facility Notice Campaign. Ms. Finegan coordinated a massive outreach effort throughout the Gulf Coast region to notify those who have claims as a result of damages caused by the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill.  The notice campaign includes extensive advertising in newspapers throughout the region, Internet notice through local newspaper, television and radio websites and media relations. The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) is an independent claims facility, funded by BP, for the resolution of claims by individuals and businesses for damages incurred as a result of the oil discharges due to the Deepwater Horizon incident on April 20, 2010.
  • City of New Orleans Tax Revisions, Post-Hurricane Katrina.  In 2007, the City of New Orleans revised property tax assessments for property owners.  As part of this process, it received numerous appeals to the assessments.  An administration firm served as liaison between the city and property owners, coordinating the hearing schedule and providing important information to property owners on the status of their appeal.  Central to this effort was the comprehensive outreach program designed by Ms. Finegan, which included a website and a heavy schedule of television, radio and newspaper advertising, along with the coordination of key news interviews about the project picked up by local media.


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