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Notice MediaHF Media LLC, Heffler Claims Group’s in-house notice media company, is a nationally recognized team with more than 50 years of combined media and communications experience developing and implementing thousands of court-approved class action legal notice programs, government enforcement actions and recalls, including some of the largest worldwide.

Times are changing, driving the demand for more sophisticated and media relevant strategies for reaching potential class members in emerging class action litigation. Our team implements modern, high-caliber legal notice solutions that include print, broadcast, digital (online), mobile, and social media channels to ensure maximum outreach.

As experienced media strategists and tacticians, we use only the top research, measurement, and evaluation practices drawn from the most well-respected corporations and ad agencies in the country. Our program research is based on the unique needs of each case and our superior outreach is rooted in analytics, validated by third-parties and highly defensible in court.

Our industry-leading methods enable us to deliver the most impactful and cost-effective means of reaching potential claimants in class action lawsuits of any size. Our successful combination of marketing, advertising, and public relations exceeds consumer expectations, protects brand reputation, satisfies due process, and complies with all court procedural rules.

HF Media Experience

HF Media is led by distinguished legal notice expert Jeanne Finegan, who brings more than 25 years of communications and advertising experience to Heffler’s notice media division. Her vision is the driving force behind Heffler’s revolutionary approach to class action legal notice programs:

“Over the past five years, the American consumer has been witness to a transformative media explosion. Rapidly emerging multi-platform media channels are driving the way consumers interact with and use new media. As a result, developing an effective, reasonably calculated Notice program now means that outreach efforts need to be ‘media relevant’ – targeting the right audience and using the right media, at the right reach, at the right time.”

– Jeanne Finegan, APR, Chief Media Officer, HF Media

HF Media, one of the most experienced legal notice teams in the industry, consults with clients to provide notice strategy and evaluate media options to determine the most impactful and cost-effective means of reaching potential claimants. What’s more, our years of experience in legal notice and administration, as well as marketing, advertising, and public relations, all contribute to the proficiency, relevance and excellence of HF Media plans.

HF Media Services

HF Media provides a comprehensive suite of class action claims administration services and notice media services including:

  • Consultation: Mediation and Pre-settlement, Plain Language, Media Strategy, and Implementation
  • Class Member Research: Demographics and Media Use Preference
  • Notice and Outreach: Communication, Design, and Implementation
  • Digital Strategy: digital advertising strategy and implementation
  • Media Planning: Negotiation, Placement, Public Relations, Reporting
  • Crisis Prevention and Communications
  • Expert Testimony

HF Media Team

Read our HF Media Team bios to learn more about our media supervisor, media planners, media buyers, and media specialist. Our team’s vast media experience includes: Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Banking, Civil Rights, Construction defect, Crisis Communication, Consumer, FTC enforcement actions, Insurance, International outreach, Pharmaceutical, Product defect, Securities, and SEC enforcement actions.

HF Media Portfolio

Click here to view representative samples of some of our most recent notice media programs.

Trust Your Legal Notice Program to True Media Experts

Only an experienced team with specialized expertise can keep up with the ever changing media landscape and provide the level of service required in this complex industry. Our methodology relies on the Reach and Frequency model employed by the courts to help verify the percentage of potential claimants exposed to a notice program as well as the average number of times those individuals have an opportunity to view it.

By combining these techniques, our media experts are able to implement a notice program that achieves the broadest outreach, satisfies due process, complies with Federal Rule 23(c)(2), and stands up to judicial scrutiny.

Every member of HF Media has significant experience in the fields of media, PR, and communications in addition to class action legal notice programs. Our team is blazing a trail in digital development as it relates to one of the most critical aspects of successful class action litigation.

Contact us to learn more about our premier, in-house Notice Media company.

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