These Email Trends are Important to Consider for Your Class Action Settlement

Email remains a critical and cost-effective part of many best practicable notice efforts and the 2018 amendments to Rule 23 place digital notice on par with U.S. mail. However, practitioners should be aware that effective email notice needs to keep pace with evolving consumer behaviors, which are driven by transformative changes in the media and the digital device environment.

Considering factors such as generational behavior or email client trends can inform a successful email notice campaign if used correctly. The on-demand media explosion means consumers customize their media usage to fit their lifestyles. Effectively reaching the target audience and satisfying judicial standards for reach and frequency also requires a clear understanding of the viability of specific outreach channels, including email, to deliver notice to a projected audience. 

In our recent guide, Email Trends Impacting Class Action Settlements, we explore the most recent statistics and studies regarding consumer email trends, and how they can be used to positively impact your direct notice campaign and ultimately your class action settlement administration. From best practices for handling class data to tips about technology updates and how they impact the way we interact with email, this free guide covers it all.

Key insights include: 

  • Class action notice email trends
  • The importance of working with clean data
  • Knowing the behaviors and values of class members
  • Mobile optimization
  • What you need to know about open rates
  • Updates to email clients, apps, and operating systems
  • The importance of email subject lines
  • Quick tips and tricks
Scott Fenwick
Scott M. Fenwick, who serves as Heffler Claims Group’s Chief of Operations, has more than 10 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and professional development of client service teams.

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