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How Will the Administration of Your Class Action Settlement be Impacted by the New Northern District Guidelines?

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A question and answer session with industry veterans and Heffler Partners Jim Prutsman and Ed Radetich. As most class action practitioners are aware, the Northern District of California issued new procedural guidance for class action settlements on November 1 of last year. These guidelines, which are the most detailed in any court system in the country, outline expectations for settlement administrators as well as class counsel. The guidelines standardize the settlement and administration reporting process, making it more consistent and…

New Guidelines Move to Make Class Action Settlement Results Transparent

New Guidelines Move to Make Class Action Settlement Results Transparent

The Northern District of California United States District Court recently released updated guidelines for class action settlements. These updates, effective immediately, outline new expectations of settlement administrators and class counsel, define appropriate cy pres awardees, make settlement results public information, and provide guidance to notice language. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in unnecessarily delayed or denied approval.  California’s Northern District is home to many class action suits, and class action procedural guidance commonly begins with guidelines from this Court. The Northern District is the first Court in the country to require this level of transparency.   Post-Distribution…