Mass Tort

Mass Tort Settlements

Heffler Claims Group has over 45 years of experience providing clients with project management, notification, contact center services, database management, claims administration and fund distribution services for all manner of cases. Our mass tort practice leaders include attorneys who have dedicated their time in practices focused on mass tort, class actions, and other complex litigations. Drawing on this experience, Heffler is able to design and implement innovative plans tailored to meet the needs of every mass tort case. Our mass tort experience has included cases involving pharmaceutical products, medical devices, asbestos, environmental contamination, toxic waste, and other types of personal injuries.

Our advanced, proprietary technology platform supports each step of the claims management process. Our experienced IT professionals are leaders in their industry and have designed and developed our cutting-edge client portals that allow real-time access to critical data. Our custom-built websites and databases are configured to meet the unique requirements and language preferences of each matter.

Our nationally recognized media design and notice experts allow us to successfully reach claimants around the world by designing targeted print and electronic media campaigns for international, national, regional and local publication specifically tailored for each matter. We analyze legal documents to learn their intricacies, identify practical and legal ramifications, define the duties and rights of all those affected, develop analytical tools to explain the provisions, anticipate interpretative problems, and fit all the claims processes and steps within the parameters set by the documents.

Additionally, our contact center has round-the-clock, international and multi-lingual capabilities, and is staffed with trained professionals well-versed in the medical and scientific issues implicated in mass tort cases. We anticipate frequently asked questions and other caller needs, and design dialogue outlines and scripting to be used for contact center assistance. The contact center allows us to be flexible in handling varying call volumes ranging from five to 10,000 per day, depending on the case requirements.

Healthcare, Tax and Accounting Experience

Unlike some administrators, we eliminate the need to retain outside financial, tax, audit or accounting services. Our in-house team includes not only lawyers, but also certified public accountants, forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, and financial professionals. These skilled and licensed professionals have cultivated a solid background over the past 40 years in healthcare accounting and consulting as well as mass tort claims, establishing Heffler as a premier provider of support services on investigative accounting, compliance and reimbursement matters. Heffler handles these matters in the mass tort context with efficiency and scale. We ensure compliance with applicable state, federal, and local tax reporting and payment obligations.

We have established a reputation for independence, accuracy and sound judgment, with enhanced analysis and technical services that address a more complex legal, financial, tax and business environment. We remain a premier provider of compliance services, assisting all manner of healthcare providers, fiscal intermediaries, law firms and governmental entities and have been involved with the Medicare program since its inception.


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