[On-Demand Webinar] Navigating the Class Action Settlement Process from Start to Finish

The settlement administration process can be different for each class action matter and identifying steps along the way to create efficiencies saves valuable time and money. Whether your settlement is surrounded by a media storm or is a small wage and hour case, even the seemingly minuscule steps in the process greatly impact your overall outcome.

Consulting a settlement administrator prior to crafting the settlement agreement is key to making early moves that make everything from notice to distribution smooth. We created a presentation that walks through the settlement process from beginning to end, using proven strategies for success in a free on-demand webinar, Navigating the Settlement Administration Process from Start to Finish.

During the presentation, Heffler team members and industry veterans, Ed Radetich, Dave Kaufman, and Lori Castaneda, provide key insights, proven strategies for success, and common misconceptions for each stage of the settlement administration process.


  • What should be in the settlement agreement including tax considerations of the fund and for class members
  • Steps to consider prior to filing for preliminary approval
  • Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) Notice and timeline considerations
  • Best practices for handling class member data
  • Considerations for designing the settlement website and claim form
  • Class notice: direct vs. indirect, and satisfying Federal Rule 23
  • Factors impacting claim rates
  • Considerations for winding down the settlement
  • And more!
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Heffler Claims Group
Heffler Claims Group is a national leader in class action settlement administration, specializing in the notice and administration of complex legal matters. Together with Prime Clerk, the leading bankruptcy claims and noticing agent and another Duff & Phelps company, we offer the most comprehensive administrative services in the industry.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Navigating the Settlement Administration Process from Start to Finish

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