Industry Innovators: A Spotlight on Your Heffler Team Member Jonathan Shaffer

With over 50 years in the class action settlement administration world, the team at Heffler Claims Group is the most experienced in the industry. From our contact center to our administration operations, Heffler is a diverse mix of people ready to serve class action practitioners and class members alike.

Our employee spotlight series highlights team members who go above and beyond every day. Get to know the hard-working people who make up the heart of Heffler. Below, we highlight Client Service Manager Jonathan Shaffer.

What are your responsibilities at Heffler?

I am a Client Service Manager. I ensure the cases’ administration and timelines are met according to the parties’ and court’s direction. The 30,000 foot view of my job is planning and overseeing the various mailings (notices, distributions, deficiencies, etc) processing claims, calculating claim payments, drafting various processes, procedures, declarations/affidavits, and correspondence.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

There’s never a dull moment. I am always thinking critically to analyze a situation and come up with the best response/solution.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I like things that “go” (cars, motorcycles, airplanes, etc.) I have owned more vehicles than I can count. I am a motorcycle riding instructor for the State of PA Motorcycle Safety Program. This summer, I will be starting Flight lessons to obtain my Pilots License. I studied martial arts (various disciplines) for most of my life. I obtained my Black Belt at age 13 and competed until about 18. I enjoy target shooting, being outdoors, and being with my family. I am married with two children (a one-year-old boy and five-year-old girl).

What is something that would surprise people about you?

I was an avid body builder before my motorcycle accident in 2004, where the striking truck, telephone pole and asphalt won. I was never really able to get back into working out consistently after the crash and life took over.

I was also a Private Investigator for several years, which pretty much put me through college, investigating criminal, civil and domestic matters (most of my work was investigating capital offenses for court appointed defense teams).

What motivates you?

I find motivation in trying to make things better that they currently are.

What do you like most about working at Heffler?

The birthday lunches!

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