On-Demand Webinar: Cybersecurity for Class Action Attorneys in a COVID-19 World

Where cybersecurity stands during COVID-19, what steps you should be taking, and preparing for the new normal.

Attorneys all over the world are adjusting to working remotely. This means remote court appearances, mediations, settlement conferences, and much more. It also means attorneys, their clients, and their strategic partners need to seriously consider the strength of their cybersecurity as we operate over personal Wi-Fi and remote IT departments.

Courts are looking to counsel to continue mediation and reach settlements. And as the world settles in to a life predominately online, evaluating cybersecurity is more important now than ever. Law firms everywhere are relying on the expertise of cybersecurity specialists to help define the best security protocols as attorneys adjust to working remotely.

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Heffler Claims Group is offering a free on-demand webinar, Cybersecurity Considerations for Class Action Attorneys in a COVID-19 World, for attorneys looking to identify cyber threats specific to COVID-19, ways to protect themselves and their settlements, and looking at what the new normal is for everyone. Heffler’s Senior Director Dave Kaufman is joined by David Dunn, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Duff & Phelps and Keith Wojcieszek, Managing Director of Kroll’s Cyber Risk Practice.

The on-demand webinar features expert information about where cybersecurity stands during COVID-19, what steps you should be taking, and what you should be looking for from your strategic partners and vendors.

What you’ll learn

In this on-demand webinar, we explore:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the class action industry
  • Understanding cyber threats during a global pandemic
  • Crisis response considerations
  • What the new normal looks like
  • Questions to ask your strategic business partners
  • Q&A with leading experts in the field
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Heffler Claims Group
Heffler Claims Group is a national leader in class action settlement administration, specializing in the notice and administration of complex legal matters. Together with Prime Clerk, the leading bankruptcy claims and noticing agent and another Duff & Phelps company, we offer the most comprehensive administrative services in the industry.

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