8 Things to Consider for your Class Action Settlement Website

You’ve just settled a class action case and you’ve selected a settlement administrator. Now you’re gearing up for the initial phases of administration. Where do you start?    

Sometimes, the case website is the only interaction a claimant will have with important case information. But what does it really take to stand up a settlement website, and what should attorneys be looking for from a settlement administrator? 

There are several considerations before a website can even be created, and many steps require a true understanding of class demographics and what technological capabilities are required to satisfy due process. 

This guide touches on: 

  • What counsel should prepare for the settlement administrator ahead of time
  • What decisions counsel should make in consultation with the settlement administrator
  • How different case details can impact the settlement website
  • What digital and practical security measures to consider
  • How changes to Northern District Guidelines impact settlement websites
  • And more! 

Working with an experienced class action claims administrator cuts down the margin of error. With recent heightened scrutiny from the courts, including tighter deadlines, it’s critical to engage with a settlement administrator early to identify potential challenges and work to find flexible solutions. 

Class Action Settlement Website Best Practices

David Kaufman
David (Dave) Kaufman has spent his entire career in the legal field, consulting with clients to develop class action settlement solutions in the securities, antitrust, consumer, mass tort, employment and insurance practice areas. Drawing from his 15 years experience, Dave specializes in pre-settlement consultation, enabling clients to better identify their needs to more efficiently and cost-effectively execute settlements.

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