6 Reasons to Partner With Heffler for Settlement Administration

Heffler Claims Group has more than 50 years of results for thousands of class action cases worldwide. With that experience comes the unique ability to provide you with proven and efficient solutions that save time and money.  

You work directly with our leadership, beginning to end. 

Our clients work directly with our leadership from the first handshake through the end of a case. Cases are not passed down to junior employees, and our leaders are well-versed in every single aspect of the settlement administration. We work closely with all parties involved, often before settlement agreements are finalized, to ensure a smooth, well-planned, and complete administration process. 

Access to state-of-the-art technology flexible enough to fit your case needs.   

Whether your case is run-of-the-mill or incredibly complex, Heffler’s technology coupled with our experienced project managers will work for you. Our proprietary claims administration system and highly-skilled IT professionals allow us to support a wide-array of cases while giving our clients 24-hour support. 

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In-house services allow for the highest level of efficiency. 

From mediation to conclusion, your case is handled by our in-house experts and in-house technology. With attorneys, CPAs, media and public relations experts, MBAs, and IT specialists we provide our clients with a full-service, US-based notice and administration solution that allows for case continuity, quality control, and cost savings. 

Industry leader in class action media planning. 

HF Media is our full-service, in-house media team with superior outreach programs rooted in analytics, validated by third-parties, and highly defensible in court. HF Media is led by Jeanne Finegan, APR, who is the industry’s most distinguished legal notice and communications expert. Our notice media team has implemented hundreds of Court-approved notice programs, including some of the largest worldwide. 

The most experienced claims administration team and leadership in the industry. 

The Heffler leadership team has over 25 years of experience each and remain leaders in class action settlement by actively participating in panels and thought-leadership initiatives, by serving on committees to write and refine the rules, and by testifying in the Courts. 

We’ve been there since the beginning.

Since 1963 when demand for settlement administration services bubbled to the surface, Heffler has been an industry leader in creating methods and procedures that are still used today. Heffler continues to actively participate in improving processes and helping the industry evolve based on our experience and the experience of our clients. 

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Kaitlyn Porch
Kaitlyn Porch is the Content Marketing Manager for Heffler Claims Group. Over the past 10 years, she has worked as a journalist as well as a marketing professional for companies of all sizes, from start-up agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

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