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Walmart Superstores

Walmart Superstores  (October 2012 – March 2013)

The time frame for these individual calling campaigns was seven (7) business days. In that timeframe, our call center agents made approximately 2,500 outbound calls to Wal-Mart superstores nationwide. This project also required over 1,000 follow-up calls to maximize participation. Our call center agents followed a customized phone script geared toward briefing Wal-Mart representatives on the specific project details and providing them with action items required to prepare for photo sessions during Christmas and Easter. Action items included: display set-up, costume preparation and product placement. Heffler established toll-free numbers that were used for in-bound phone calls from Wal-Mart representatives who had follow-up questions, and each campaign received 250-500 additional inbound calls.

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