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Pet Food Products Liability Litigation

Civil Action No. 07-2867 (NLH) (All Cases), MDL No. 1850
In the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

Heffler Claims Group was engaged as Claims Administrator of the Pet Food Products Liability Litigation for both Notification and Claims Administration services, involving a settlement fund of $24 million to reimburse class members for the out-of-pocket expenses they incurred as a result of the alleged contamination of certain recalled pet food products.

The Settlement was approved in the United States Court, as well as nine provincial Courts throughout Canada. The firm coordinated publication of a Summary Notice in print and electronic media in various publications through the United States and Canada, and printed and mailed over 34,000 Notices and Proofs of Claim to potential class members throughout the United States and Canada. The firm’s Technology Services Group created a Website dedicated to the litigation, which is available in English, Spanish and French Canadian. The website provided all relevant documents, FAQs and allows for class members to submit claims and requests for information through the Website.

Class Members were requested to complete the claim form identifying all expenses incurred relating to the purchase of recalled pet foods, the medical expenses incurred to treat their affected pets, and any additional economic damages they incurred as a direct result of the alleged contaminated foods. The firm received 25,590 claim forms. Distribution checks were printed and mailed to 19,994 approved claimants.

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