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Oxycontin Litigation

Heffler Claims Group served as the Claims Administrator in this action involving plaintiffs who had been prescribed OxyContin Tablets and who may have incurred medical expenses that were alleged to be a result of using OxyContin. The firm received a listing of plaintiffs from Class Counsel and was instructed to mail claim packages to each plaintiff requesting that they complete the forms and return them directly to Counsel. Class Counsel notified the firm of any claims received from plaintiffs. They created a database file to store the claimants’ information and to ensure that all plaintiffs had responded with a claim. At the direction of Counsel, the firm mailed reminder letters to any plaintiff who had not responded to the claim request. Over 1,100 claims were received and keyed into the database. A detailed Settlement Fund Analysis was created to assist Counsel in determining the amounts to distribute to Counsel, as well as the available amounts to distribute to claimants. Heffler Claims Group also calculated and paid any applicable taxes due from the settlement, assisted in the distribution to claimants and mailed checks to over 900 claimants in this matter.

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