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In Re: Carnival, et. al. v. WMX Technologies

Civil Action No. 97-CV-5122(JEI), U.S. District Court of New Jersey

Heffler was engaged to process claims of owners of any real property located within a specific area in proximity to the landfill. Plaintiffs alleged that their property values were diminished by the operation of the landfill. Notices and Proof of Claim forms were sent to 2,761 addresses. Claim forms were filed by 889 class members. Claim amounts were determined based upon the assessed values of the class property from the municipality tax book records and from adjustments to the properties such as improvements. The real estate area included in the class was also stratified by an expert appraisal report based upon the proximity of the properties to the landfill. Claims were weighted according to this location stratification. Claimants were also permitted to support their real estate loss value by providing their own appraisal.

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