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Kazemi v. National Apparel Retailer

Case No. CV09-5142 EMC United States District Court Northern District of California

Heffler Claims Group was engaged by Defendants to administer this class action settlement. The lawsuit alleged that a National Apparel Retailer, in violation of a federal statute, sent unwanted and unsolicited text messages to cell phone subscribers promoting the Retailer’s products between October 29, 2005 and October 4, 2010. The Complaint alleged that the National Apparel Retailer had violated certain federal statutes and regulations requiring, among other things, companies not to send text messages to customers who had asked to be placed on the company’s Do-Not-Call list. Class Members were required to submit a timely, truthful, accurate, and properly completed Claim Form in order to receive a single use merchandise certificate worth $25.
Heffler worked with Defendant’s and Plaintiffs’ Counsel and an advertising agent to send notice of the settlement to over 1.8 million e-mail addresses. We also created a settlement website, which provided complete information regarding the case – including documents which could be viewed or downloaded, the opportunity to file a claim form electronically on-line, answers to frequently-asked questions, and a contact form for inquiries.
Additionally, Heffler created a toll-free telephone IVR system providing recorded information regarding the case and the claim filing process. Heffler received and processed over 22,000 claim forms and assisted in the design of the merchandise certificates and implementation of a system to record and track the certificates’ use in the Defendant’s retail stores. If approved, claimants supplied an e-mail address on their claim form and the certificate was e-mailed to them. If they did not supply an e-mail address, the certificate was printed and mailed to them.

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