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J. Mehling, et al., v. New York Life Insurance

Case No. 99-CV-5417 United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Heffler Claims Group is engaged as Claims Administrator for the New York Life Insurance Co. 401(k) and Pension Plans settlement litigation. The team assisted Class Counsel in the mailing of Notices and Claim Forms to current or former employees who lost money in their retirement accounts held by NYLIC. With over 45,000 potential Class Members in this settlement, the firm handled opt- outs, objections, correspondence, change of address requests and all questions and concerns, including telephone calls, Emails and letters via mail and fax. The firm calculated distributions to current and former employees and agents, and worked with NYLIC to facilitate payments to 14,995 current 401(k) participant accounts, along with a payment notification to each current participant. Checks to 5,276 former 401(k) participants were distributed, including an option to rollover distributions to a different retirement account. The firm also coordinated with NYLIC federal and state tax payments and reporting specific to the 401(k) settlement distributions.

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