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Hapka v. CareCentrix, Inc.

Case No. 2: 16‐cv‐02372, U.S. District Court of Kansas

In 2016, CareCentrix Inc. suffered a security incident after one of its employees was targeted by an email spoofing scam. IRS W-2 forms containing sensitive information of 1,986 employees were sent to an unknown third party. As a part of the settlement terms, CareCentrix reimbursed settlement members for documented out-of-pocket losses traceable to the incident (up to $5,000) and offered a minimum payment to class members who experienced documented tax return fraud ($200). Class members were also eligible to enroll in two years of credit monitoring services at no cost, regardless of whether the class member submitted a claim for reimbursement.

Heffler’s Role

Heffler Claims Group used direct notice via email and traditional mail to reach class members instructing them of the terms of the settlement and their rights. An estimated 80% of class members had an email address, however, Heffler used U.S. Postal Mail and email when both were available. In addition, Heffler created and maintained a settlement website that contained relevant court documents, the notice and claim form, contact information, frequently asked questions, and online claim filing. Heffler also maintained a hotline with information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Result

Heffler mailed 1,982 printed notices to the last known address of class members and emailed 2,551 notices to both personal and business email class member addresses identified by the defendant. Heffler also distributed a reminder email notice to 2,495 addresses. Heffler handled sending deficiency letters to class members whose submission were not compliant with the approved claims process and provided an opportunity to supplement or correct the claims.

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