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Firearm Accessory Consumer Matter

In this lawsuit, Plaintiffs claimed that a certain make of the Defendant’s firearm accessory was defective, affecting the product’s performance under certain conditions. The class action lawsuit further claimed that the value and utility of these firearm accessories were diminished because of the alleged defect issues. While the Defendant stands by its product and denies Plaintiffs’ claims asserted in the lawsuit, the parties agreed to resolve these matters before these issues were decided by the Court. As in almost all class action settlements, this is not an admission of any wrongdoing. 

Heffler’s Role


Heffler Claims Group worked with both Plaintiff and Defense Counsel so class members received proper notice of the settlement while ensuring the defendant’s brand sensitivities were managed with the highest degree of care and efficiency.    

Heffler was responsible for receiving the firearm accessories returned by class members. Since the products in question are relatively expensive, our team took great care in the receipt, cataloging, and storage of each accessory that was returned. Many class members in this matter provided their own shipping box, which added complexities to the storage challenge as packages of all shapes and sizes had to be efficiently cataloged and stored for later retrieval during the inspection process.    

The Heffler Claims Group team completed thorough, in-person training with a representative from the Defendant on the specific products at issue. This in-depth training enabled our team to accurately validate whether the products received from class members should be included as a part of the settlement or not. 

The Result


Within a 30 day time-period,  we created a case-specific website, a contact center with trained live agents, creating a receiving area for the products to be inspected and stored, developed processes and procedures for handling the product, and trained our in-house team of claims analyst on how to properly accept or reject the claims. 

Heffler also worked with all parties to figure out how to treat unique class members, obtain a comprehensive database of purchasers, and ensure proper outreach. 

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