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In re: Elk Cross Timbers Decking Marketing, Sales Practice, and Product Liability Litigation

Case no: 2:15cv18, U.S. District Court of New Jersey (Newark) 

Heffler Claims Group was named the notice and settlement administrator for this product liability matter involving decking materials. Plaintiffs alleged the defendant’s decking materials were prone to splitting, warping, swelling, shrinking, or surface decay and to developing mold. Through the settlement, class members were eligible to receive a cash payment based on specific calculations for materials, labor, and the number of months that they applicable express limited warranty provides for materials coverage. 

Heffler mailed notice to class members and handled mail labeled undeliverable using LexisNexis research. Our team also set up a contact center using interactive voice response to handle class member questions. Class member claims were supported by video, photographs, and qualifying documentation, of which Heffler worked to validate and transfer to the defendant for final processing. Our system and team were equipped to handle claims filed both electronically and physically. 

The Heffler leadership team also worked as Special Master in the matter, which included reviewing and deciding 53 appeals filed by all claimants. In all, Heffler transferred over 1,700 validated claims to the defendant for final processing. 

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