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American Business Financial Services, Inc. Noteholders Litigation

Master File No. 05-232 In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Heffler Claims Group was engaged as the claims administrator in the ABFS Noteholders Litigation for both the Notification and Claims Administration processes. This Settlement provided a fund of $16.7 million to pay claims of persons who, during the Class Period, bought or rolled over Notes issued by ABFS. ABFS filed for Bankruptcy owing Noteholders the principal and interest on their Notes. The firm assisted in the preparation and arranged for the printing of the Summary Notice and assisted in the preparation and mailing of the Notice and the Claim Form. Notice and Claim Forms were mailed to over 29,000 potential class members and the firm received over 14,500 claims. The firm reviewed each claim filed to ensure the accuracy of the claimed amounts, reviewed supporting documentation and defendants records, and calculated an allowed amount for each claim. A distribution was made to class members totaling over $11.8 million, which represented $365 million in principal and interest on outstanding Notes.

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