Featured Cases

Cook, et al. v. Rockwell International Corp. and The Dow Chemical Co.

Case No. 90-cv-00181-JLK, US District Court for the District of Colorado

A $375 million settlement was approved in a lawsuit against the former operators of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. The lawsuit alleged that Dow and Rockwell, the …

Firearm Accessory Consumer Matter

In this lawsuit, Plaintiffs claimed that a certain make of the Defendant’s firearm accessory was defective, affecting the product’s performance under certain conditions. The class action lawsuit further claimed that the value and utility of these firearm accessories wereRead Entire Article

In Re: Packaged Ice Antitrust Litigation

Case No. 08-MD-01952 United States District Court, E.D. Michigan, Southern Division

Heffler administered almost 3,000 claim forms in the Packaged Ice matter. During the notification phase, Counsel mailed three Notices to participants in the class. During the administration phase, Heffler …

In Re : Asbestos School Litigation

Master File No. 83-0268, In the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

This calling campaign was a follow-up to a class action Heffler Claims Group administered some years ago. Our agents were responsible for reaching …

Walmart Superstores

Walmart Superstores  (October 2012 - March 2013)

The time frame for these individual calling campaigns was seven (7) business days. In that timeframe, our call center agents made approximately 2,500 outbound calls to Wal-Mart superstores nationwide. This project also required …

Oxycontin Litigation

Heffler Claims Group served as the Claims Administrator in this action involving plaintiffs who had been prescribed OxyContin Tablets and who may have incurred medical expenses that were alleged to be a result of using OxyContin. The firm received a …

In re Diet Drugs

CIVIL ACTION NO. 99-20593, MDL NO. 1203 In the United State District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Heffler Claims Group serves as the fund administrator of the Diet Drugs Products Liability Litigation, and is responsible for the …

SEC v. Sam M. Antar, et al.

CIVIL ACTION NO. 93-3988 (HAA) United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

Heffler Claims Group was appointed as the Distribution Agent in the SEC v Sam M. Antar, et al. Civil Action No. 93-3988 (HAA) …

SEC v. Knight Securities L.P.

Administrative Proceeding No. 3-11771

Heffler Claims Group is currently engaged as the Independent Distribution Consultant and has been appointed as the Tax Administrator in a case initiated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission against Knight Securities, L.P. The …

SEC v. First Jersey Securities, Inc. and R. E. Brennan

CASE NO. 85 CIV 8585 (RO) United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

Heffler Claims Group is currently engaged as the Claims Agent to distribute the disgorged funds resulting from the SEC vs. First Jersey …


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