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In re: Elk Cross Timbers Decking Marketing, Sales Practice, and Product Liability Litigation

Case no: 2:15cv18, U.S. District Court of New Jersey (Newark)  Heffler Claims Group was named the notice and settlement administrator for this product liability matter involving decking materials. Plaintiffs alleged the defendant’s decking materials were prone to splitting, warping, swelling, shrinking, or…

Fitzhenry-Russell et al. v. Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc.

In several original lawsuits, the Plaintiffs alleged Canada Dry Ginger Ale was mislabeled with the words “Made from Real Ginger,” arguing the claim values the products at a higher cost when the products only contain less than two parts per…

Firearm Accessory Consumer Matter

In this lawsuit, Plaintiffs claimed that a certain make of the Defendant’s firearm accessory was defective, affecting the product’s performance under certain conditions. The class action lawsuit further claimed that the value and utility of these firearm accessories were diminished because of…

Kazemi v. National Apparel Retailer

Case No. CV09-5142 EMC United States District Court Northern District of California Heffler Claims Group was engaged by Defendants to administer this class action settlement. The lawsuit alleged that a National Apparel Retailer, in violation of a federal statute, sent…

Pet Food Products Liability Litigation

Civil Action No. 07-2867 (NLH) (All Cases), MDL No. 1850 In the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey Heffler Claims Group was engaged as Claims Administrator of the Pet Food Products Liability Litigation for both Notification…

Kardonick, et al. v. JP Morgan Chase

Case No. 1:10-cv-23235-WMH In The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Miami Division Heffler Claims Group was hired to administer the claims process and distribution in the Kardonick v. JP Morgan Chase matter. Notice and Proof…

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