Environmental Settlement Administration

Environmental Settlement Administration | Heffler ClaimsHeffler Claims Group is a leader in complex class action litigation, including environmental settlement administration. By engaging our services, you reduce exposure to issues that may steal focus, waste money, and extend the process of settlement distribution indefinitely. Heffler offers what other administrators lack – personal service on each and every case from a leadership team that consists of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

For your administration, you will work with the same trusted member of Heffler’s senior leadership team from beginning to end. Heffler is not just one of the most experienced class action settlement administrators in the industry; we’re also one of the most innovative, with a firm commitment to exceptionalism that has guided us for over 50 years.

The Environmental Class Action Lawsuit Is Unique

Environmental and property owner class action settlements are complicated to manage without the requisite experience. Locating class members can be difficult, especially in cases where class member data has aged. Verifying class member claims is also tricky when property ownership validation is necessary.

Heffler knows how to work with property owners to adeptly handle lengthy claims processes, identify changes of address, notify and distribute property to heirs, and manage the myriad of issues presented by environmental class action lawsuits. Heffler also employs the most innovative technology to locate and notify class members who may have moved or otherwise need their data updated.  

Our team is fully prepared to tackle the complicated scientific and regulatory issues that often appear with property owner and environmental settlements, which require the ability to establish comprehensive notification and verification processes.

Securing Sensitive Class Member Data

Having worked on some of the most complex cases in the country, Heffler’s proprietary claims administration system, coupled with our in-house team of highly-skilled IT professionals — including web developers, programmers, and data specialists – allows us to handle any case with unlimited capacity and controlled security. Heffler invests in only the highest level of technology and data security which is critical to the successful housing of information and administration processes of class action settlements including the safety of class member personal information.

Environmental and property owner settlements often deal with sensitive and private class member information that must be thoroughly verified and protected with the right, secure technology, processes, and knowledgeable team members. At Heffler Claims Group, we take this very seriously which is why we are fully HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS certified, GDPR and AICPA SOC compliant.

Our Environmental Settlement Administration Experience Speaks Volumes

Heffler has a long-standing record of excellence in environmental class action claims administration.

We believe in going above and beyond “getting the job done.” Our team sets the bar that others follow with our comprehensive best practices. Both counsel and the judge commended us for our leadership in handling more than 15,000 claims in the highly-publicized Three Mile Island Class Action with compassion and loss evaluation protocol that satisfied everyone involved.

We leave no stone unturned in exploring fair settlement value, while minimizing the risk of fraud. For the Carnival et al. v. WMX Technologies class action, we validated 889 claims of property value loss by looking at municipality tax records, property improvement permits, expert local land appraisal reports, and independent appraisals.

Heffler Claims Group has the resources necessary to handle extremely large classes from start to finish. For the Dow and Rockwell class action, we sent out 28,179 direct mailers, distributed $107,569,323 to 8,460 claimants and followed up on 40 claims that lacked proper documentation to satisfy court orders.

Our world-class service does not just end with the case resolution; when necessary, we will return to a class action years later to ensure a successful resolution. Recently, we touched base with counsel and ordered our enterprise-level call center to follow-up on a school asbestos class action, where many of the claimants failed to cash their checks.

Ready for Anything

Every environmental class action has unique factors, risks, and challenges, but our in-depth knowledge, our proven processes and procedures and our long history of administering environmental settlements gives us the flexibility to face every challenge as they arise proactively.  

Heffler Claims Group is a distinguished leader in environmental class action claims administration with a full range of in-house services to handle litigation of any size. Our services include:

  • Pre-settlement consultations with senior attorneys, accountants, IT experts, and claims administrators.
  • An in-house legal notice media solution with our own renowned notice expert
  • Custom website and database development with a fully supported proprietary technology platform.
  • Enterprise-level contact center with multi-linguistic support, trained agents, IVR, and 24/7 availability.
  • Full-service claim validation, fraud investigation, processing, and distribution.
  • Robust reporting capabilities that maintain organized, comprehensive data throughout every phase of the litigation.

Contact Heffler Claims Group to schedule a free, honest, and informative consultation with a member of our senior leadership team.


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