Employment and Labor Class Action Administration
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 Heffler Claims Group is a leader in managing the administration of employment & labor matters, ranging from anti-discrimination to wage and hour violations. We have a complete in-house team that commits to working with every one of our clients throughout the claims administration process, thus freeing up the plaintiff and defense law firms litigating class action employment and labor lawsuits to better serve their broad and diverse client base.

Our Team Understands the Employment Class Action Landscape

 Class action complaints relating to employment and labor law violations take on many forms, including:

  • Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • State labor code and federal wage and hour claims, particularly where there is a question of whether employees are exempt or non-exempt for overtime;
  • System-wide workplace discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and other protected classifications;
  • Federal Civil Rights claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964;
  • ERISA issues

The work of administering an employment class action matter begins even before an employment or labor law class action lawsuit is settled. We provide services to contact and verify claimants, to monitor the tax impact of settlements under Internal revenue Code Section 468(B), and to manage both state and international payroll tax obligations relating to payouts of settlements.

We Utilize Cutting Edge Technology to Administer Class Action Cases

 We’ve implemented a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and developed a proprietary class action claims administration system to streamline the claims administration process from beginning to end. Our information technology professionals custom-configure our software to correspond to the details and idiosyncrasies of each employment and labor case. We also provide real-time reports to verify compliance with the class action settlement agreement and to calculate and analyze claims of individual class members.

Moreover, our technology enables us to provide cost-effective and efficient class action claim administration with no excessive financial burdens on class action settlement funds.

We Bring Experience to the Administration of Your Employment and Labor Class Action Settlement

 In more than fifty years of administering class action cases and settlements, including employment and labor class action claims, Heffler managed more than 1,500 settlements, processing more than 50 million claims and distributing more than $30 billion in settlement funds. We are a trusted industry leader in all types of class actions, regardless of the size or complexity of the case.

  • In Reinhart et al. v. Lucent Technologies, Inc., we managed physical correspondence, more than 1,000 email communications, and over 8,700 phone calls from a class of more than 135,000 class members who lost money in their employer-sponsored retirement accounts. Following approval of the settlement, we disbursed funds to class members and responded to multiple inquiries about the settlement.
  • We were the claims administrator in James Mehling, et al. v. New York Life Insurance for settlement of pension plan litigation. We managed opt-outs, objections, correspondence, and address changes for more than 45,000 potential class members, and facilitated settlement payments to almost 15,000 401(k) account holders. Our internal ERISA group verified compliance for rollover and other distributions.

Our experience and knowledge base enables us to deliver best practice class action settlement administration for all types of employment and labor class action claims, regardless of the number of prospective class members or the size of the settlement fund.

Call Heffler Claims Group for Professional Administration of your Employment and Labor Class Action Settlements

 Each individual class action settlement and notice of administration includes unique requirements and obligations. We are consistently ranked among the top three class action claims administrators by legal industry journals, and we continue to bring innovations into an industry that faces new challenges every day.

Contact Heffler Claims Group for a complimentary consultation on how we can streamline the settlement administration of your next employment and labor case.

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