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CCPA Encounters First Big Challenge from Facebook

Less than a month after the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, it appears Facebook will not be changing its web tracking practices anytime soon in response. Facebook is challenging its obligation to comply with the new law through a CCPA exemption for “service providers.” Facebook argues it can avoid CCPA compliance by defining itself as a “service provider” who acts as a platform that delivers anonymized data about its users to clients. The CCPA went into effect…

Potential Obstacles with the CCPA Regulations

For complex, trail-blazing pieces of legislation, the passage of the law often represents the beginning of a long process of interpretation by the courts, clarifying amendments, and compliance challenges. The passage of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) means businesses operating within or serving California consumers have to make adjustments to the way they handle and share consumer data. We’ve identified some of the key challenges with the CCPA below: 1.  Determining Who Has to Comply With new CCPA regulations…

California Data Protection Law


The new California data protection law, named the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), went into effect on  January 1, 2020, bringing a wealth of changes for both consumers and businesses. The law deals directly with how companies collect, store, and handle consumer information. For California consumers, the law provides greater transparency into how their data is used and offers options to opt-out of certain data practices. How The New California Data Protection Law Affects Consumers The CCPA applies to all…

Tools for Expanding Reach in Data Breach Class Action Notice

A case study examining notice efforts in Bray et al. v. GameStop With data breach class action settlement agreements reaching an all-time high and new privacy laws being put into effect, class action settlement agreements surrounding consumer data are more important than ever. Bray et al. v. GameStop Corporation in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware alleged the Defendant failed to implement or maintain adequate data security measures for customer information, including credit card information. According…

StockX Data Breach


In early 2019, the personal records of more than 31 million people were exposed as a result of alleged data breaches. Most of those breaches targeted medical and healthcare organizations, but consumer products companies were not immune from attacks. As the second half of the year unfolded popular sneaker and fashion trading platform StockX, verified that it had been targeted by hackers. Sources report that more than 6.8 million customer records might have been exposed in the StockX data breach….

Capital One Data Breach

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Recently, it seems as if consumer companies are consistently dealing with data breach situations in the news. These cases escalate quickly, particularly when picked up by national and international media. Capital One, a bank holding company, experienced this swift challenge recently when a computer hacker allegedly gained access to their cloud computing system. 106 Million North Americans Compromised The March 2019 Capital One data breach allegedly comes from former Amazon cloud-computing employee Paige Thompson. The hacker is said to have…

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