Data Breach Class Action Administration
Data Breach Class Action Administraton

Time is of the essence when a data breach compromises your security. Those affected must be notified quickly and accurately. Working with Heffler Claims Group’s in-house team of professionals coupled with our state-of-the-art, secure technology provides you with the peace of mind that the administration of your matter is handled with expert efficiency. Our team has successfully administered several high-profile, complex settlements, many involving fraud loss reimbursement.

Quick, Accurate, Comprehensive Data Breach Notification

Data breach cases require efficiency and accuracy in notifying a large, sensitive class. With notification, contact center, and project management services all handled in-house, our clients can count on quick response and remediation. A single point of contact provides timely updates, eliminates inefficiencies, and takes responsibility for adhering to industry best practices and rigorous data security standards.

  • Class Member Notification – From mass mailings to targeted ad campaigns, Heffler provides industry-leading experts and scalable in-house resources dedicated to your case.
  • Custom Websites – Heffler’s technical staff can develop and host customized, updatable websites to provide accurate and timely communication with your class members.
  • Contact Center Services – Within hours of contacting us, we can establish a dedicated toll-free phone line with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messaging. Within just a few days, we can provide trained live agents and experienced customer service representatives ready to handle the specific details of your case.
  • Claim Filings – Class members involved in a data breach class action settlement can be understandably sensitive to how a claim is filed. Heffler offers several ways to connect with class members and provides secure ways for class members to file their claim.

Data Security

Heffler consistently maintains a well-controlled and secure servicing environment to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of collected information. Our team puts both physical and digital barriers in place, protecting settlement and class member data while following the highest regulations for data protection.

  • Resources – We make ongoing investments in people, processes, and technology to ensure that our infrastructure, communications, and security measures are up-to-speed with the latest developments and market demands. All data is secured within a hardened datacenter storage environment.
  • Oversight – Heffler believes in quality assurance and oversight, every step of the way. Your customer data is of utmost importance to our team. Our data management experts oversee data protection and notification in a well-structured facility. Employees have read-only access to applications, data, and file shares.
  • Security and Privacy Compliance – Heffler enforces multiple policies surrounding data security and employee acknowledgment of sensitive materials. We practice General HIPAA Compliance, utilize up-to-date privacy policies, have strict document retention policies, and follow encryption and key management. In addition, all employees are trained and re-trained annually on HIPAA security and privacy, including temporary staff.

Quality Control

Data breach cases can mean large class sizes and a large volume of claimants.

  • Quality Assurance Program for Accuracy – Heffler follows stringent quality assurance methods and procedures designed to establish controls over the accuracy of claims data. These built-in methods and procedures are incorporated during the entire administration process and prior to issuing a final report to verify the accuracy of recognized claim amounts, the implementation of plans of allocation, and the validity of remaining deficient and rejected claims.
  • Careful Review of Claims and Calculations – During the claim administration process, we conduct a review of claims in which both the work of the claims analyst and the details of the claims are examined for any deficiencies or rejection coding. We also review calculations of the recognized claim amounts under the plan of allocation for accuracy.
  • Fraud Loss Prevention – Heffler generates quality assurance reports wherein certain claims are identified as duplicates and claims filed by suspected or known fraud claim filers. Also, our supervisory staff conducts manual reviews for the largest claim groups for assurance of the validity of the claims. We keep a detailed procedure log as part of our quality assurance process for every claim handled. This provides a document of procedures utilized during the notice and claims administration processes.

Proactive Response

The most successful data breach resolutions involve proactive thinking and remaining one step ahead of the curve. Saving you time, money, and hassle are among our top priorities.

  • Time-saving Protocols – We have the scripts, templates, and project plans necessary to assist in handling your data breach case as quickly as possible.
  • Commitment to Preparedness – Simulation training, call center modeling, and mock breach scenario exercises keep our staff members on their toes, ready for any situation.
  • Unparalleled Professionalism – We want you to have every confidence that we are adeptly handling your case. Our entire team has heightened awareness of the sensitivities involved with data breach matters and we leverage our proven strategies and solutions to ensure a smooth and well-planned administration.
  • Full Service – Heffler is fully equipped to develop legal notice plans, review claims, and ensure class member reconciliation.

Contact A Leader in Data Breach Management

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