3 Reasons to Consider Live Agents for Auto Class Action Settlement Administration

Every auto class action settlement administration involves some type of contact center. Whether that service will be handled by Interactive Voice Recording (IVR), live agents, or a mix of both is a question that deserves some serious consideration. While live agents come at a higher price, they can be necessary, given the stakes and complexity of settlement inquiries. The importance of having live agents for follow-ups, complex and individualized questions, and brand safety shouldn’t be overlooked.

Follow-Up Calls Create Efficiencies

Since auto class actions are often high volume and complicated, follow-up calls may be essential. Live agents can verify information provided by callers, ensure the accuracy of your records, and evaluate the need for escalation in real-time. Rather than leaving claimants in the dark, they can proactively reach out to provide details on a pending settlement which not only satisfies court requirements for notice but also preserves brand reputations.

Lower the Likelihood of Objectors

Auto class action cases pose unique challenges that require proven solutions to ensure a smooth, well-planned settlement capable of gaining court approval the first time around. Unhappy class members can file objections with the court that could cause a judge to reject a settlement agreement at final approval. These delays can cost large sums in the long run. These expensive pitfalls can be avoided with law firms investing in a team of well-trained live agents to provide clear, timely answers to claimant questions. Live agents are trained with pre-approved scripts as well as the knowledge of both the settlement and the brand to answer complex questions for class members. Agents are also trained to escalate questions back to the defendant when necessary.

Enhanced Brand Safety

Auto class actions can pose a threat to a defendant’s brand reputation as litigation often involves defective parts, manufacturing, and even fraud. Live agents work to protect against brand damage caused by unforeseen delays and negative press coverage. While IVR can be a highly effective solution for many types of class actions, live agents for auto class action administration is often preferable for defendants concerned with brand safety and plaintiffs concerned with getting class members accurate complex information in a timely manner.

Often in class action settlements, consumers who are not a part of the defined class contact the administrator about issues outside of the class action settlement. It’s important that your administrator has the ability to escalate those issues to the correct department for the defendant in a timely and efficient manner. Working with your administrator to create a path for these requests is a key step in considering brand safety.

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James Prutsman
James (Jim) Prutsman has more than 20 years of experience in the administration of some of the highest profile class action settlements in the United States. He is a recognized expert with extensive experience in the planning, development of systems, process and procedures for the successful administration of hundreds of matters.

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