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Tackling Challenges in TCPA Class Action Administration

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The Telephone Consumer Act (TCPA) restricts telemarketing and the use of automated telephone equipment such as pre-recorded voice messages and automatic dialing systems. The act aims to protect consumers from unsolicited phone calls and messages. TCPA cases against companies allegedly contacting consumers in violation of the act bring unique challenges that require unique solutions from your class action settlement administrator to satisfy due process and gain final approval.  Using telephone reverse lookup to develop an address list for mailings can be hit or miss.  Heffler works with…

Case Study: How to Rectify Aging Class Data to Reach Class Members

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In a post-millennium age when data becomes outdated quickly, executing the necessary methods and using the best resources to bring class member data up to speed is essential in class action settlement administration. Ammari Electronics v. Pacific Bell Directory et al was a class action brought in the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. This administration was a judgment distribution on behalf of a class of over 181,084 small business owners who bought California Yellow Pages advertising from defendant…

Case Study: Firearm Accessory Consumer Matter

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Heffler recently concluded the notice and administration of a Firearm Accessory Consumer Matter that presented several unique challenges. We put together a detailed case study that outlines some of the challenges we faced and the solutions we implemented to ensure class members received proper notice of the settlement while also ensuring the defendant’s brand sensitivities were managed with the highest degree of care and efficiency. In this consumer matter, Plaintiffs claimed that a certain make of the Defendant’s firearm accessory…