Antitrust Class Action Cases

Heffler Claims Group has handled some of the most complex and high-profile antitrust cases in US history, utilizing notice media campaigns directed at both global and national audiences. Over the last four decades, we have administered over 100 antitrust matters and distributed billions of dollars in settlement funds.

These settlements can be difficult to navigate, involving high-stake fund calculations, complex plans of allocation and varying class types and sizes, which is why top law firms rely on the expertise of Heffler to ensure a flawless administration. Heffler’s Antitrust team is comprised of industry leaders in legal notice, contact center operations, administration, and distribution of class action cases.

Unlike some administrators, Heffler’s partners are former practicing class-action attorneys who understand the law and the complexities of the settlement process, and Certified Public Accountants, who routinely perform the most comprehensive auditing procedures and processes to ensure that the highest degree of accuracy is applied to all facets of the administration process.

HF Media LLC, led by internationally recognized notice expert, Jeanne C. Finegan, APR, is the most experienced legal notice team in the industry. HF Media’s team experience is unparalleled in the design of worldwide antitrust notice programs, including one of the largest court approved international notice programs, In re Air Cargo Shipping Antitrust Litigation.


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