Antitrust Class Action Administration

The Clayton Act of 1914 created a private cause of action with treble damages for consumers who suffered financial losses due to anticompetitive corporate activity. The U.S. Supreme Court bolstered those rights with its 1979 opinion in Reiter v. Sonotone, noting specifically the importance of private antitrust causes of action to supplement the actions filed by the Department of Justice. Statistics verify the value of those private actions. Between 2012 and 2017, an average of more than 750 private antitrust cases were filed annually. Between 1990 and 2013, parties recovered an aggregate of more than $33 billion in the top 60 private antitrust cases. More than 75% of those cases were class actions.  

Antitrust class action settlements have many complexities and usually involve multifaceted classes and settlement recoveries. Heffler Claims Group has administered some of the most complex and high-profile antitrust cases in US history. Through our full-service, in-house media team, HF Media, Heffler has successfully implemented hundreds of court-approved notice media programs directed at both national and global audiences. 

Navigating Complex Antitrust Class Action Settlements

Antitrust settlements involve high-stake fund calculations, complex plans of allocation, and varying class types and sizes. Over the last five decades, our team has administered hundreds of antitrust matters and distributed billions of dollars in settlement funds.

For this reason, top law firms choose Heffler Claims Group to administer their antitrust class action settlements to ensure a smooth, well-planned, and complete settlement administration. At Heffler, our clients work directly with a member of our leadership team from the first handshake through the final approval of the case.  Our leaders all have more than 20 years of industry experience and are well-versed in every single aspect of the settlement administration process which allows us to foresee potential problems before they occur and recommend proven and tried solutions.

What’s more, our proprietary platform provides real-time checks and balances to give our clients the assurance that all deadlines are met without any deviation from the structures established in the settlement agreement.

Our In-House Staff has Practical Experience with Antitrust Class Action Matters

Heffler Claims Group’s antitrust class action administration team includes former practicing class action attorneys and globally recognized legal notice experts who have direct experience with all aspects of antitrust class action cases.

Our in-house media team, HF Media, led by internationally recognized notice expert, Jeanne C. Finegan, APR, is the most experienced legal notice team in the industry. Our notice teams’ experience is unparalleled in the design of worldwide antitrust notice programs, including one of the largest court-approved international notice programs in US history, In re Air Cargo Shipping Antitrust Litigation.

Our team also includes experienced Certified Public Accountants, who perform the most comprehensive auditing procedures and processes to ensure that the highest degree of accuracy is applied to all facets of the administration process.

Our Experience as an Antitrust Class Action Claims Administrator Speaks for Itself

With our dedicated team of US-based professionals and our state-of-the-art technology, Heffler Claims Group is proud to offer industry-leading antitrust class action settlement administration services.

Featured antitrust class action case experience includes:


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Antitrust class action litigation is complex, time-consuming, and time-sensitive. The attorneys involved in these matters often invest years of effort before any settlements are approved by the courts. The mission of Heffler Claims Group’s antitrust class action claim administration team is to support those attorneys in the management, settlement notice, administration, and distribution. Our team members understand antitrust litigation and the processes required to maintain compliance and satisfy due process. 

Contact Heffler Claims Group to schedule a complimentary consultation with our antitrust class action administrators on how our services can help assure the success of your antitrust litigation efforts.


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