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Creating A Class Notice Program That Satisfies Due Process

Authored by: Jeanne C. Finegan, APR, President, Chief Media Officer of HF Media LLC In light of the stunning report recently published in Adweek[1], Lotame CEO Andy Monfried admits that over 10 percent of the 4 billion audience profiles (40…

3 Considerations For Class Action Notice Brand Safety

Authored by: Jeanne Finegan In the recent wake of digital brand ads for Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, AT&T, Walmart and Procter & Gamble appearing next to deplorable content[1], brand safety and ad fraud are hot-topic issues that can tar brands in…

What Would Class Action Reform Mean for Notice Programs?

The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017 (H.R. 985) has drawn a firestorm of opposition. As the ACLU and 120 other signatory civil rights organizations note, “The bill would undermine the enforcement of the nation’s civil rights laws…

What’s in store for 2017 Notice?

The digital environment is complex, to plan, to buy and to accurately measure. Practitioners need to be aware of these complexities as they can impact response rates, brand reputation and due process. Advertising growth across mobile, digital and other multimedia…


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