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Positive Pay vs. Reverse Positive Pay in Class Action Settlement Administration

The Pros and Cons of each and which method is recommended Contributing Authors: Edward J. Radetich, Jr., CPA, Partner of Heffler Claims Group, and Chris Ritchie, Senior Vice President – National Settlement Team, Huntington Bank According to a recent publication from…

Five Reasons to Consult with a Notice Expert and a Claims Administrator before filing for Preliminary Approval

Often times, class action attorneys wait until after preliminary approval papers have been filed to contact a notice expert and claims administrator. When this happens, especially in simple administrations, this approach may work out fine, but that will not always…

Beware: Common Pitfalls of improper election of Qualified Settlement Funds

By: Edward J. Radetich, Jr., CPA  The qualified settlement fund (QSF) – a common vehicle used by plaintiff and defense attorneys – is governed by section 468B of the Internal Revenue Code.  As part of the Tax Reform Act of…

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