Cutting Edge Communication

“Heffler Claims Group consistently maintains a well-controlled and secure servicing environment to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of collected information. We make ongoing investments in people, processes and technology to ensure that our technology and communications continues to exceed industry standards.”

Clients rely on the expertise of Heffler Claims Group to deliver results. As a trusted leader in class action administration, our team of professionals offers over 45 years experience in managing the claims process, using a streamlined technology platform that enhances communications and performance.  Our full-time staff of experienced Information Technology professionals develops custom case websites, and supports all claims administration applications, databases and IT operations infrastructure. They are highly skilled in designing and implementing websites, databases and claims administration systems, and are proficient in the areas of data analysis and reporting, and IT operations. Our commitment to excellence and technical superiority is surpassed only by a lasting loyalty to our clients.

Sophisticated Technology Platform

An advanced technology platform supports each step of Heffler’s administration process.  Our cutting-edge system consists of sophisticated hardware and a suite of proprietary software modules custom-configured to meet the unique requirements of each case. The platform’s capabilities range from real-time case updates and electronic claim confirmation to correspondence tracking, claims analysis, claims calculation, and more:

  • Electronic Access to Case & Claim Information – Claimants and potential claimants may obtain case notices, forms, FAQs and case history via a case-specific Website.
  • Electronic Capture of Claim Information – Claimants may file their claims on a case-specific website where data is tested for accuracy immediately, thereby helping to eliminate incomplete and deficient filed claims, providing immediate confirmation to claimants that their claims have been accepted and filed, and reducing claims administration costs.
  • Document Capture – Claim documents are scanned and, if required, specific information on the documents can be extracted into a database.
  • Claimant Correspondence – Automatically generates pro-forma case/claim-specific correspondence and tracks correspondence sent to or received from claimants.
  • Claims Analysis & Calculation – Each claim is calculated based on a court-approved Plan of Allocation.
  • Distribution & Post-distribution – Supports the distribution and reconciliation of funds.

Superior Security and Controls

Data privacy and security are paramount features of the advanced Heffler technology platform. Numerous physical and logical security controls are built into both the platform and the organization’s facilities, allowing for extreme granular, role-based security to be enforced and monitored. Typical examples of protections include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Control of Access to IT Facilities and to sensitive processing, storage and technology areas within the building.
  • Safe Internet Access & Encryption of Data during transmission; sensitive data is also encrypted at rest. Case-specific Websites designed to gather claimant data are secured.
  • Protection against Viruses, Malware & Data Leakage and strict access control to application and computing/storage devices. Laptops are encrypted.
  • All data is encrypted while being backed up to tape, which are securely transported and stored in a third-party off-site location. Retired documents and media are shredded.

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