Our proprietary technology platform is a key differentiator for Heffler Claims Group that sets us apart from our competitors. Drawing on our 50-plus years of experience, we’ve developed a leading claims administration system that allows us to provide you with first-class service and real-time updates that ultimately save you time and money on your case.

State-of-the-art- technology

Today, more than ever, technology is critical to the successful administration of a class action settlement. Beyond outcomes, our continued investment in technology allows for a seamless experience, providing our clients with 24-hour access and advanced service delivery.

Our technology platform has been custom built to support each step of our claims administration process.  From straightforward class action settlements to the most complex cases in the country, our fully-integrated claims administration system, coupled with our team of highly-skilled IT professionals, allows us to handle any case with unlimited capacity.

Our platform’s capabilities range from real-time case updates and electronic claim confirmation to correspondence tracking, claims analysis, claims calculation, and more. As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on always innovating our systems, processes and procedures to raise the bar in our industry and to advance our client delivery and results.

Superior Security and Controls

At Heffler, one of our top-priorities is to maintain a well-controlled and secure servicing environment to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of collected information. Data privacy and security are paramount features of our systems and communications. We’ve built numerous physical and logical security controls into both our platform and our organization’s facilities, which enables us to enforce and monitor extreme granular, role-based security.


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